luni, 26 mai 2008

Rob Fowler story


Welcome to my website. I am a regular smoker or what I call a pothead. I've been smoking marijuana now for about 7 or 8 years. I have met a lot of people who think weed is from the devil. Well I disagree. Marijuana is the safest drug out there including prescription. There is not a recorded death in history caused from marijuana.

Marijuana is it a bad thing? I say not. Hi, I'm Rob Fowler and I have been smoking weed for about 7 or 8 years now, I am 25 years old. I have just recently been charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking. I do not sell weed, never have and never will. I have always said its not worth it, I just wanna get high and be happy. You see marijuana hasn't wrecked my life but this wrongful charge has. Marijuana, in its natural state is the most therapeutic medicines known to man. I know this, thousands of doctors know this and even many politicians know this, but it is still illegal.

As I said I have been smoking weed now for about 8 years. It has not changed me as a person in anyway. I have never had any ill effects from it and that's the truth. The only thing that I have noticed from weed is that my short term memory isn't as good. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. The things I can't remember aren't usually important anyway's. I don't care if I can't remember all the faces I saw at the mall. If its important to me I can remember it just fine.

As far as marijuana hurting me mentally, well it hasn't happened. I can learn just as well, even better today than I could before I starting smoking weed. I know people that believe marijuana causes brain damage or the ability to learn, yet they have known me for at least 10 years, but can't prove that by me. Some have even admitted to saying, yes marijuana has not effected your ability to learn or do things. If I want to do something I'm going to do it high or not high, and marijuana isn't going to effect the outcome.

I suffer from a disease called depression. I have all my life. I have talked to some people about this and I'm in agreeance with them that there is no cure for it. The cure is we have to learn how to deal with it, so we can go on with a normal life. Now I'm not saying that the solution is getting high, but for me it helps. I also have trouble expressing my feelings but weed help me open up more. I have seen a doctor about it and he prescribed there legal drug "Paxil" When the doctor gave it to me he told me that I had to be very consistent with it. He game me a big list of possible side affects. What he didn't tell me is that once your on this drug you can't come off it or you will be in worse shape than when you went on it. (not true with marijuana)

Anyway's before I was aware of that I decided that I would give it a shot. After taking it for about 2 weeks there were some problems, big problems. This problem I was having was in the list of side effects the doctor gave me and of course the worst one got me. Impotence. So I threw those pills as far as I could. Well before all this happened I wasn't a very big fan on drugs the doctor prescribes and you can bet that hasn't changed.

So you see marijuana isn't a bad thing like it has been declared but a good thing. What really gets me is how we as society we see weed different from alcohol. Alcohol is excepted as a recreational drug when it is actually the worst drug of them all. Alcohol has killed so many people, wrecked so many lives but it is still ok. When people drink they can become a totally different person which is not true for weed.

So all I'm trying to say is that we should open our eyes and realize that weed isn't a bad thing. Let's stop wasting money trying to wipe it out when it can't be done. Let's spend that money on the things we need to make us a better society.

If you come across anything on this site you disagree with or think I have been mislead, be sure to let me know. I am an open minded person and am willing to take your thoughts into consideration. Feel free to email me at

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